Fugitives from unreality

Gyp, rip, drip,
her wounds go deep.
Lie, cry, untie,
a promise smells goodbye.

Woozy, lost, dosed,
a sinister shadow grows.
Woman ran, gone.
Dreary soul, begone!

Once chance grants,
advance to the expanse.
Go half, get luck, and have a laugh.
Through rough and bluff,
she came out tough.

Lounged on mound, no sound she found,
vermillion sun went round and round.
No drain, pain waned, untainted lane.
Grains of untamed rain, down it came.

Glide and slide, astride a tide.
Inside, she hides a hidden side.
Carts apart that’s where they start,
but love can’t stop to dart the heart.

Across the sea, under a tree,
Mr. Nobody was forced to flee.
No frown, like clown, in a town of brown.
Drown in the light of her diamond crown.

Torn memoirs, untuned guitars,
internal wars like spear of Mars,
When stars align like lights of cars,
throw those jars of wounding scars.

Adverse curse without a nurse,
no rehearse, and what is worse?
Obverse conversed, reverse the hearse,
nothing lies beyond the universe.

Just trust the thrust, get on the bus.
No truss of brass but fragile glass,
a blast of gas, thus life that was,
all became a class of grass.

Venture, endeavour, no surrender,
she’s always lower on a lever.
Never clever, ever learner.
Will she be his elf forever?